• Login, scroll to the top menu of your profile and click, My Messages.


    The Callbeck Dating messaging system provides our members private, secure and flexible communications with other members of Callbeck Dating platform, your regular email will not be disclosed to any members.
  • All communication with other members is to stay safe onsite, so you should never disclose any personal information, until you feel completely ready to do so.

  • We will let you know that you have a new message by sending a email notification to your personal email, this always ensures that no of your inbox messages go unread.

  • Users can send,receive & reply to all inbox messages from other Callbeck Dating members.

  • All your messages are organized into conversations for each members that you have communicated with.

  • Messages can include emojis, photos & videos. You can read more on our photo guidelines.

  • If a member does not read your message, Unread will appear next to the messages.

    - Your first inbox message should be warm and inviting. To learn more go to great conversation starters.