Always use photos that clearly represent who you are make for a great profile. Please make sure when uploading pictures they do not contain any of content listed below.

Prohibited Photos:

- Photo is blurry or is not visible of your face.

- Photo contains watermarks, logos, overlaying text or heavy editing.

- Photo contains pornography or explicit content.

- Photo contains celebrities, models, sports teams or miscellaneous web images.

- Photo contains illegal content, violent or offensive material.

- Photo contains underwear or lingerie.

- Photo contains drug usage.

Callbeck Dating has a zero tolerance policy for images of minors that are uploaded to the service & will delete the image immediately. We want you to get the most out of your Callbeck Dating experience, & to feel free to express yourself and explore what you want, without negatively impacting anyone else. We use a combination of automated systems and moderators to monitor and review accounts and messages for content that indicates breaches of these Community Guidelines & our Terms of Use.

If you don’t respect these photo guidelines, we may permanently remove your Callbeck Dating account (whether your actions happen online or offline).